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Never Stop Discovering!

Connect with Jack – Connect with Science


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A Look Inside the Book

Illustrations by Grace Hattrup

Grace is a young local artist from the Seattle area. Grace collaborated closely with Jack Horner to ensure the scientific accuracy of her paintings.

Grace’s other work ranges from imaginative watercolor scenes to colorful acrylic paintings.She is an arts student at Emily Carr University.

Jack Horner Illustration from Book

“My friend Jack Horner is a Paleontologist, too…”


The Adventure Begins… “I’m about to tell you a story that you won’t believe.”

Lily and Maia on an Adventure Book Illustration

A young girl, a self-proclaimed paleontologist,
who discovers “science
for real.”

Lily and Maia Book for Children Inside Illustration

“I went back to where Maia had shown me the eggshells and picked up little pieces carefully…”

Never Stop Discovering!

Connect with Jack – Connect with Science


Dedicated to Dr. Holly Woodward Ballard

Professor of Anatomy and Paleontology
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences


Holly added to Jack’s work by studying the histology of fifty individual Maiasaura and recording the life story of each individual dinosaur from the clues in its bone microstructure.

Jack introduced Holly to Maiasaura by showing her fossils that belong to tiny dinosaur hatchlings, twenty-foot-long adults, and everything in between. At that time, Jack had already learned a lot about Maiasaura, especially about dinosaur babies.

Holly Woodward Ballard Lily and Maia Book Endorsement

Like Lily, as a Young Girl, Holly loved dinosaurs…

For as long as she can remember Holly has loved dinosaurs. Her parents have a picture of her at two and a half years old with a spoon and beach bucket, digging for fossils in the back yard. She had a lot of dino toys from an early age too.

Holly watched many documentaries and read every book about dinosaurs that she could find. Discovery Channel was a favorite, and she always watched shows about Jack and dinosaurs. Holly feels that she became an early expert on identifying what was scientifically incorrect in books because she was watching and absorbing ‘the latest dinosaur science’ on television!

Studying under Jack, who “taught me how to think and who opened doors for me by pushing me forward and suggesting that I try this or try that,” led to Holly’s love of being a Paleo Scientist!

Why This Book Was Written!

How it Can Be Used in The Classroom!

How Holly Feels About Dinosaurs!

Holly’s Thoughts on Jack’s Dino Book for Kids!


“I love it and wish there had been this kind of story around when I was little.”

“Maia is a nice size for a dinosaur and relatable to kids. It is small and then it grows big in stages – just like kids!”

“We know so much about this dinosaur and so Maia is a very good teaching tool about dinosaur nurturing family behavior.”

Never Stop Discovering!

Connect with Jack – Connect with Science


Kids of All Ages Love Learning About Dinosaurs and Science from Jack Horner!

Jack Horner and Child at Book Signing
Jack Horner and Child at Book Presentation

Jack Loves Connecting to Kids!

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Watch These Insightful Dinosaur Digging Videos!

Calling All Parents, Teachers, and Librarians!

Give Your Kids a Unique, Genuine, Awe-Inspiring, and Exciting Dinosaur Book by Jack Horner!

It is an awesome fantasy time travel adventure going back eighty million years! Kids learn about Jack’s most famous dinosaur discovery!
Lily and Maia Dinosaur Travel Adventure Book

All kids feel empowered, as a young girl or boy, to connect with science!

Kids love Lily and Maia’s friendship, discoveries, and science detective work together!

Lily and Maia Dinosaur Book in the Garden exploring

Never Stop Discovering!

Connect with Jack – Connect with Science


Reviews and Endorsements

Scott D. Sampson, PhD & Dr.

Scott the Paleontologist

PBS Dinosaur Train
Executive Director and William R. and Gretchen B. Kimball Chair
California Academy of Sciences

“Jack Horner ranks among the greatest dinosaur paleontologists of all time. He has also played an outsized role in popularizing the new science of dinosaurs, forever changing the way we look at these amazing ancient animals and inspiring many to pursue fossil-hunting careers.”

“With Lily and Maia, Horner taps into this vast experience to create a wonderful children’s book. Readers will head out into the field in search of dinosaur remains, and even set off on some time-traveling adventures! For the legions of young dinosaur lovers out there, here is a story guaranteed to spark imaginations!”

Anne Richardson, PhD

Chief Experience Officer, Exploratorium and Author of Octopuses Have Zero Bones: A Counting Book About our Amazing World
Selected by Smithsonian Magazine as one of the top ten children’s books of 2022

“Lily and Maia is a delightful introduction to paleontology for kids. Many children are aspiring fossil-hunters and will likely be inspired by this story of a young student making discoveries in the field. I appreciate that the book introduces tools and practices of science, including making and recording observations and using evidence to draw conclusions.

The young child in the story may even have made an observation that upends an argument made by an established scientist – a wonderful notion that will keep kids on their toes. The author’s clever device of allowing Lily to dream that she meets an actual dinosaur brings the story to life. I highly recommend this book for all families and schools with curious kids.”

Girls Love Dinosaurs and Adventure Too!

Girl Holding Lily and Maia Book by Jack Horner
Lily-and-Maia-Adventure Book Illustration from inside

Never Stop Discovering!

Connect with Jack – Connect with Science


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