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Dinosaur Paleontologists

Jack’s former graduate students did great work when studying with him at Montana State University. He is excited and proud to see how they have excelled in their own areas of paleontology. By sharing some information about them and their work, Jack can show dinosaur fans how working at school can result in an amazing career in science. Check back in a couple of months as featured students rotate in and out.

Dr. David J. Varricchio

PhD graduate in Biology, 1993, Montana State University

Associate Professor of Paleontology, Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana.

Dave studies dinosaur reproduction and behavior, and is also known for his work on meat eating dinosaurs. He was recently involved in a research paper naming a new species of Tyrannosaur called Daspletosaurus horneri, in honor of Jack Horner. Dave's field work focuses on the ecology of the nesting site known as Egg Mountain located in Teton County, Montana.

Holly Woodward Ballard

PhD graduate in Earth Science, 2012, Montana State University

Associate Professor of Anatomy and Paleontology, Oklahoma State University-Center for Health Sciences

Holly Woodward studies fossil bone tissue microstructures to explore the growth dynamics of dinosaurs and other extinct vertebrates. She also studies the bones of living animals to provide a framework for these inferences. Holly’s research helped make the life history of the duck-billed dinosaur Maiasaura the most well-understood of any dinosaur to date.

Holly has published hundreds of articles on her research. Discover Holly for free on Research Gate.  Search for: Holly Woodward Ballard on the following link:

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Jack’s Picks

Jack’s handpicked list of a variety of websites with great information on dinosaurs!

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