Jack Horner's Dinosaurs

Never Stop Discovering

Never Stop Discovering describes Jack Horner’s attitude, an outlook formed as a young boy growing up in the plains of Montana near Shelby. School was difficult for Jack, so he headed to the hills every chance he got—to look for dinosaur bones. In those hills, Jack discovered dinosaurs and he discovered science. You can now Connect with Jack and Connect with Science.

Hi, I'm Jack

A world-renowned paleontologist, Jack Horner is acclaimed for his fieldwork and research on dinosaur growth and behaviors and his important discoveries: the first dinosaur eggs and embryos in the Western Hemisphere and the first evidence of colonial nesting and parental care among dinosaurs. A technical adviser for all the Jurassic Park and World films, he is also the inspiration for the series lead character Dr Alan Grant. Jack is always in demand: his TED talks attract millions of viewers, his lectures draw crowds, and his books and scientific publications are widely read.

Regent’s Professor of Paleontology Emeritus

Montana State University

Presidential Fellow

Chapman University

Research Associate

Museum of Paleontology,
UC Berkeley

Research Associate

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Research Associate

Burke Museum,
University of Washington

Scientific Consultant

Universal Studios' Jurassic Parks and Worlds

Scientific Consultant

Victory Hill Exhibition's Jurassic World: The Exhibition

MacArthur Fellow

National Geographic Explorer

Scientific Consultant

Base Holograms

Who is Jack?

The Jack-ozoic Era


Started hunting for dinosaur bones in Montana


Jack found his first dinosaur skeleton


Won regional science fair for comparing dinosaurs from Montana and Canada (the Judith River Formation)


Hired as fossil technician at Princeton University


Found a nest of fifteen baby dinosaurs in Montana


Appointed Curator of Paleontology at Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University


Awarded an Honorary Doctorate from University of Montana


Awarded a MacArthur Fellowship ‘Genius Grant’


Helped to launch the first Jurassic World film in London with Diana, the Princess of Wales, and Steven Spielberg


Initiated the Hell Creek Project, the largest field expedition for dinosaurs in the world


Awarded a Regent’s Professorship from Montana Board of Regents


Delivered first TED Talk on ‘Building a Dinosaur from a Chicken’


Won the Romer-Simpson Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest honor presented by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology


Listed in Newton Graphic Magazine’s top twenty-four leading world scientists


Started working with Imagine Exhibition’s on Jurassic World: The Exhibition


Started teaching as a Presidential Fellow at Chapman University

Jack Horners Dinosaurs

Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs: Where anyone interested in dinosaurs and science can learn about how a dyslexic boy who dug for dinosaur bones in Montana became one of the world’s most famous dinosaur paleontologists. It is where you can explore Jack’s theories about how dinosaurs lived, understand how new discoveries help researchers like Jack do amazing science, and join Jack’s adventures in creating new experiences for all to learn and enjoy the amazing world of dinosaurs.

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Jack Horners Dinosaurs

About Horner Science Group

Jack and his colleague and friend Audrey O’Connell first met at the Museum of the Rockies (Montana State University), where he was curator of paleontology and she was director of development. Together they raised money to support the museum’s paleontology program. Special dinosaur digs for patrons at the Egg Mountain site in Montana were a unique, educational way to help fund the museum’s programs.

Still collaborating, Jack and Audrey started Horner Science Group (HSG) to bring the fun of dinosaurs and science to as many people around the world as possible. Jack’s mission is to share his insights into the life and times of dinosaurs by creating entertaining and educational experiences for dinosaur fans while continuing to make significant dinosaur and science discoveries with his students, colleagues, friends, and partners.

HSG offers a variety of new opportunities to join the adventure of Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs.


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