10 Dinosaurs
10 Series
100 NFTs

The first NFT drop from globally-acclaimed paleontologist Jack Horner, the inspiration for Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park, is here!

Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs – The Origin Collection will turn Hollywood’s version of dinosaurs on its head while supporting paleontology research and education.

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Jack Horner's Dinosaurs - The Origin Collection

10 Dinosaurs
Animated / Sound FX

1 of 1
(10 Total NFTs)

10 Dinosaurs
Animated / Sound FX

1 of 1
(10 Total NFTs)

10 Dinosaurs

7 Unique Varieties Each
(70 Total NFTs)

10 Dinosaurs

1 of 100 (maximum)
(1,000 total NFTs)

Why NFTs?

World-renowned Paleontologist, Jack Horner, has long-held theories of how dinosaurs should be shown in popular media and for the first time he is bringing these ideas to life with a set of strikingly vivid digital artworks. Jack and celebrated Paleo artist Fabio Pastori have joined forces to create 10 ground-breaking and disruptive artworks of dinosaurs that will challenge existing perceptions of dinosaurs.

With their vivid colors, feathers, striking accoutrements and mating behaviors, the theory that dinosaurs were ancestors of birds could not be clearer and definitely ‘re-images’ Hollywood’s portrayal of dull green, grey and brown creatures!

Sales of these mind-blowing dinosaurs will not only fund research and dinosaur education through the Dinovision Paleontology Research and Education Foundation but also help us to bring you more dinosaur artworks. In addition, we will donate 10 NFTs to respected museums, science, or research centers across the globe to use in advancing their educational programming and fundraising efforts.

The Origin Collection - Series Explained

Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs – The Origin Collection features the release of 10 different editions of each dinosaur artwork with 100 minted NFTs.

Legendary Series: These bring to life Jack’s theories on how dinosaurs moved and sounded and will see a single animated edition of each of the 10 dinosaur artworks released for auction over 30 days. The Legendary Series will have a unique unlockable – the opportunity to interview Jack for 45 minutes and discuss anything you want.

Museum Series: These 10 animated NFTs will be donated by the Horner Science Group to 10 museums, science or research centers across the globe to use in advancing their educational program and fundraising efforts, as well as creating constructive debate around dinosaurs and paleo research.

Variation Series: These feature seven unique backgrounds on the iconic images of each of the 10 dinosaurs. There will be several unique properties randomly distributed to each line to add to rarity and collectability.

White Series: This is a release of 100 limited editions of a single NFT for each of the 10 dinosaur artworks. This series will be available at an extremely low price and released periodically, to enable dinosaur lovers everywhere to own a piece of dinosaur history.

Follow us on Discord and Twitter for more information and updates on the latest drops.

Meet the Team

The Scientist – Jack Horner

John R. “Jack” Horner, born and raised in Shelby, Montana, is one of the best known Palentologists in the world, acclaimed for his fieldwork and research on dinosaur growth and behaviors and for discovering the Maiasaura, providing the first clear evidence that some dinosaurs cared for their young.

A dyslexic student studying geology and zoology, Jack never completed a formal degree, but was awarded an Honorary Doctorate and a MacArthur Fellowship in 1986. He was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists in 2013, he is a Regent’s Professor of Paleontology Emeritus at Montana State University and a Presidential Scholar at Chapman University.
Jack Horner is Michael Crichton’s inspiration for Dr. Alan Grant, Jurassic Park’s main character. He is technical advisor on all the Jurassic Park and World films.

His TED talks attract millions of viewers, his lectures draw big crowds and he is globally known for publishing more than 100 professional papers, nine popular books, and more than 100 articles on dinosaurs.

Fabio Pastori

The Artist – Fabio Pastori

Fabio Pastori has long believed that the most effective communication strategies are visual.

Drawing his first dinosaur at four years old, Fabio began to seriously apply himself to drawing the Dinosauria in the ‘80s. He is now among the most accomplished of modern paleoartists. His striking stylistic personality made itself felt in his audacious perspectives, extreme three-dimensionality and, in particular, in his daring use of bright, vivid colors. In those days, no one was illustrating dinosaurs the way Pastori did. In making his creatures both colorful and dynamic, Pastori seemed to endow them with a soul.

Transformed by new scientific findings and, particularly, his close collaboration with Jack Horner, Fabio is continuing to push the boundaries so the world can see dinosaurs just as he always has.

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NFTs supporting science

Dr. Holly Woodward Ballard

Furthering research, education and engagement in paleontology

Proceeds from this NFT sale will go to Horner Science Group LLC, a mission driven company that collaborates with partners to develop visually arresting visitor experiences which engage the public in Paleontology and the investigative process of science. Our most important message, personified by Jack Horner, is ‘Never Stop Discovering’ and integral to our work are our company values: Genuine, Approachable, Family-Oriented, Insightful, Exciting, Adventuresome, Unique, and Awe-Inspiring!

A portion of the proceeds of every OpenSea NFT sale will be donated to Horner Science Group’s Paleontology Research and Education Foundation, a nonprofit (501c3) dedicated to furthering the scientific field of paleontology but also supporting public engagement in science, including inspiring the natural sciences.

Roadmap, FAQs and more

Jack and Fabio have more spectacular dinosaurs to show the world as so many have been misrepresented in film, television, media, and products for decades. The science has moved on and Jack would like to help everyone on the planet to visualize what dinosaurs might have looked like all those millions of years ago.

With the success of this sale, we intend to create the following assets to add to a growing collection of Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs.

Early 2022
Additional popular dinosaurs, Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs – The Lost Collection.

Mid 2022
3D versions of each unique dinosaur from “The Origin Collection” and “The Lost Collection”. Holders of Legendary Edition dinosaurs will be airdropped a First Edition of each of these to go along with their species of dinosaur.

Late 2022
Leveraging Jack Horner’s DinoDigger brand, we will migrate to a custom ERC-721 contract and create a trading card game with the ability to “dig” for dinosaurs and make all kinds of discoveries!

What is the Museum Series?

Ten animated NFTs will be donated by the Horner Science Group to 10 museums, science or research centers across the globe. As owners of one of these special editions, the institutions will be free to use this ground-breaking dinosaur NFT artwork in any way they choose, including display, touring exhibits, fundraising, or any other imaginative way to encourage education and scientific debate!

I work for a museum that should have a Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs NFT!

If you are interested in your institution receiving one of these very rare artworks, please fill out this form. We’d love to know why you think your institution is a great candidate to receive one, and how you think this will advance the conversations around dinosaurs and education into the future.

What’s this all about?
Jack Horner is a world-renowned paleontologist and dinosaur expert, and Michael Crichton’s inspiration for Dr. Alan Grant, Jurassic Park’s main character. He is technical advisor on all Jurassic Park and World films, and his work has been viewed on television, TED Talks, and a variety of other media by millions of people around the world.

In collaboration with famed artist Fabio Pastori, one of the most distinguished modern paleo-artists alive today, Jack Horner presents his views on what dinosaurs might have looked and sounded like, showing vivid colors and unique accoutrements across a variety of species.

All proceeds from the sale of this collection go to Horner Science Group, a mission-driven organization whose vision is to inspire interest, understanding, and real passion for dinosaurs, paleontology, and all sciences through personal discovery. We wish to galvanize adventurers of all ages to explore the vibrant and astonishing world of dinosaurs through Jack Horner’s revolutionary scienfitic discoveries and theories.

When is it?
The first drop of the Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs – The Origin Collection is on October 21, 2021 on Opensea.io. All sales & auctions will happen via the OpenSea platform.

You can follow the excitement on our social media accounts and find announcements on Discord and Twitter.

What are the launch specifics?
The Origin Collection will contain 10 unique dinosaurs, with a series of 10 NFTs per species. This collection will hold a total of 100 unique NFTs, slowly released in the following limited quantities over the next few weeks.

LEGENDARY SERIES (1 per dino) – AUCTION. Fully animated dinosaur with unique sound effects. Has unlockable content to interview Jack & serves as a “Golden Ticket” for future drops.

MUSEUM SERIES (1 per dino) – AIRDROP. Fully animated dinosaur with unique sound effects. These will be given to museums who are interested in starting conversations around paleontology, conservation, and education. To apply for consideration, click here. These will only be available to the general public if a chosen museum decides to sell them.

VARIATION SERIES (7 per dino) – SALE. Beautiful static images of each dinosaur, released in 3 sub-series releases: Sketch Series (1), Color Splash Series (2), Gradient Series (4)

WHITE SERIES (1 per dino, Edition of 100) – SALE on OPENSEA. Beautiful static image of each dinosaur on an original white background. Released at low cost to allow anyone to become part of this new conversation around what dinosaurs really looked like.

In addition to the above rarities – random editions will have unique variations for collectibility, so pay close attention! All properties will be viewable on OpenSea.

Drops will be announced on Twitter & Discord between 0-48 hours before each release. Some flash drops will take place!

We are starting initial sales very low, but as this is an esteemed and very limited release, we do intend to slowly increase prices as demand is generated to protect early investors and deliver value on the artwork.

I’m new to NFTs. How do I buy one?
All purchases must be made in ethereum (ETH), a popular crypto-currency used on Opensea.io.

The first thing to do is set up your own crypto-wallet through Metamask or the wallet of your choice. It really is an easy process to set up! Once you’ve set it up, head over to Opensea.io and login using your wallet.

Then you need to ‘fund’ your crypto-wallet with funds transferred through a crypto-exchange, for example Coinbase. Transfer funds from your own bank to your Coinbase account, then from your Coinbase account to your Metamask wallet. Once you can see the funds in your Metamask wallet, you’re good to go.

Navigate to the Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs – The Origin Collection on Opensea. Find what you like, and press Buy Now. When you make a purchase on OpenSea they will take the correct amount of Ethereum from your crypto-wallet along with some gas fees to fund the purchase. It is as simple as that!

And now you are all ready to go to OpenSea and start an NFT purchase.

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