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Karen Peterson
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
National Girls Collaborative Project | The Connectory | FabFems

“Lily and Maia is a highly engaging story which will energize an interest in STEM for all young people, but especially for girls who will be able to see themselves in Lily’s journey. I’m looking forward to sharing this wonderful resource with the thousands of the programs served by the National Girls Collaborative network.”


Heather Bonander Scott
B.S. Cell Biology and Neuroscience
M.A. Evolutionary Anthropology

“As the mother of two elementary-aged girls who enjoy books with strong female protagonists, I appreciate that Lily is a confident and capable explorer. Readers will be inspired by Lily’s curiosity, enthusiasm for paleontology, and her deep interest in science. Lily and Maia…. A Dinosaur Adventure will encourage young readers to learn more about the world of paleontology and sets a great example for girls who are interested in science and nature.”


Holly Woodward
PhD,Associate Professor of Anatomy and Paleontology
Oklahoma State University

“The wonder and curiosity with which young people explore the natural world is reflected in Lily’s adventure with her new dinosaur friend, Maia. Young girls especially will be inspired by Lily’s confidence, creativity, and her excitement in doing research to discover truths about dinosaur lives. What’s more, the vibrant, engaging illustrations make it easy for young girls to relate to Lily and see themselves as scientists like her.”

“Lily shows young scientists, and young girls in particular, that they can make important discoveries about the world around them- all it takes is searching for the truth to a question!”


Anne Richardson
PhD,Chief Experience Officer, Exploratorium
Author of Octopuses Have Zero Bones: A Counting Book About our Amazing World Selected by Smithsonian Magazine as one of the top ten children’s books of 2022 and by Science Friday as one of the 6 best science books for kids

Lily and Maia is a delightful introduction to paleontology for kids. Many children are aspiring fossil-hunters and will likely be inspired by this story of a young student making discoveries in the field. I appreciate that the book introduces tools and practices of science, including making and recording observations and using evidence to draw conclusions. The young child in the story may even have made an observation that upends an argument made by an established scientist – a wonderful notion that will keep kids on their toes. The author’s clever device of allowing Lily to dream that she meets an actual dinosaur brings the story to life. I highly recommend this book for all families and schools with curious kids.


Drew Holloway, UCDS teacher of 22 years
University Child Development School, Seattle

“Am I dreaming? Dinosaurs are extinct. There’s NO WAY we can be here together right now!”

Just like the young character Lily, students will get swept away in the magic of Maia the Maiasaurus. Author and world-famous paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner takes readers on a journey deep into the Badlands of Montana, with rich details and description at every turn. Watercolor illustrations by Grace Hattrup paint the canyons in vibrant, amber hues. Beware grown-ups! Your junior scientists will be wanting to pack their picks, rock hammers and chisels for a summer adventure finding fossils.


Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive
Science Center Singapore

Thanks to Horner Science Group for sending a copy of #Lilyandmaia to me which I read last night. It is a page turner, as I followed with intrigue the adventure of Lily. I also learned some new things reading it, even as an adult, and a biologist not less. 😄

Lily is a very brave girl, and her passion with courage and determination as a young paleontologist literally jumps out from the pages. The narrative is effectively enhanced like a motion picture through the beautifully illustrated drawings, by Grace Hattrup, which children and the child-within-adult will resonate with instantly.

The story ends with a cliff hanger effect. I found myself turning all the pages to the end of the book and wondering if there is any indication of a continuation of the adventure n scientific exploration of Lily with her secret friend Maia.
Lily is a role model not just to girls, but boys as well; and also not just for children but for adults too! Happy reading!


Scott D. Sampson
PhD,Executive Director and William R. and Gretchen B. Kimball Chair
California Academy of Sciences
“Dr. Scott the Paleontologist” – PBS Dinosaur Train television series

Jack Horner ranks among the greatest dinosaur paleontologists of all time. He has also played an outsized role in popularizing the new science of dinosaurs, forever changing the way we look at these amazing ancient animals and inspiring many to pursue fossil-hunting careers.

With Lily and Maia, Horner taps into this vast experience to create a wonderful children’s book. Readers will head out into the field in search of dinosaur remains, and even set off on some time-traveling adventures! For the legions of young dinosaur lovers out there, here is a story guaranteed to spark imaginations!


Cheri Block Sabraw
Founder, the Mill Creek Academy
Fremont, CA

Lily and Maia, written by legendary Montana paleontologist Jack Horner, and colorfully illustrated by Grace Hattrup, will capture the fertile imaginations of young children, especially those who love All-Things-Dinosaur. Lily, a budding young paleontologist, convinces her trusting parents that she be allowed to camp and explore Montana’s Badlands all by herself. Her parents agree, surprisingly, and had they not, Lily’s discovery of a baby Maiasaura dinosaur and her subsequent journey through chokecherries and a crack in a cave wall would never have happened. Or did it?

Whether read to a group of children in a library, bookstore, or campsite setting, or read by young readers themselves, Lily and Maia will make children want to travel to Montana to dig for dinosaurs.


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Jeremy K
Fantastic book, must buy

Lily and Maia is a great children’s book. It’s an amazing story of a girl named Lily who makes friends with a dinosaur called Maia. Together, they solve mysteries using science and the scientific method. It shows girls they can do science and be anything they want to be!

I love how the book teaches kids about scientific investigation and using critical thinking. Lily and Maia’s adventures are so exciting, keeping young readers hooked from start to end. The best part is how it shows girls can be great at science too. Lily’s a smart and strong character who can inspire young readers.

The writing style is fun and easy, making it perfect for all ages. The drawings are super cute and bring the story to life in an amazing way. Lily and Maia is a heartwarming and empowering book with lots of fun, friendship, and science. It’s a must-have for kids’ libraries. I totally recommend it to all parents and teachers out there!


DJ Kristoff
An Inspiring, Educational, and Fun Adventure for Kids!

In his latest book, Lily and Maia, Jack Horner brilliantly shares his love for dinosaurs in a thrilling story, inspiring kids, especially girls, to fall in love with science, nature, and adventure. Expertly weaving authentic fossil-hunting tools, practices, and the science of paleontology through the red rock badlands of Montana, eight-year-old Lily the adventurer’s discoveries spark the imagination with her courage, confidence, and curiosity.

Lily’s passion for science is infectious, and her enthusiasm for the exploration of the wonders of nature is a role model for children and adults of all ages.

Beautifully illustrated, Lily and Maia is a must-read for aspiring young fossil hunters, families, and schools!


Steve M Burgess
Awesome children’s book with great information and illustrations.


Mama Toucan
Informative and fun!

Lovely watercolor illustrations bring paleontologist Jack Horner’s words life in this action-packed story. Readers join Lily and Maia as they explore the outdoors, time travel, and science. This empowering story is full of adventure and STEM-themed fun. This book would make a fantastic addition to any library, home or classroom. LILY AND MAIA is a great read for all dinosaur lovers!