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Interactive Resources

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Jack’s Books

“Dr. Scott the Paleontologist” – PBS Dinosaur Train television series

“Jack Horner ranks among the greatest dinosaur paleontologists of all time. He has also played an outsized role in popularizing the new science of dinosaurs, forever changing the way we look at these amazing ancient animals and inspiring many to pursue fossil-hunting careers.

With Lily and Maia, Horner taps into this vast experience to create a wonderful children’s book. Readers will head out into the field in search of dinosaur remains, and even set off on some time-traveling adventures! For the legions of young dinosaur lovers out there, here is a story guaranteed to spark imaginations!”

 Scott D. Sampson, PhD

Executive Director /William R. and Gretchen B. Kimball Chair

California Academy of Sciences

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Lily and Maia: A Dinosaur Adventure

Available in English and Spanish, hardback and paperback!

This children’s book about dinosaurs, friendship, science, and fantasy time travel is a STEM must-read for parents and children.

The Adventure Begins
“What are you doing here?” I said out loud.
“Am I dreaming? Dinosaurs are extinct. There’s NO WAY we can be here together right now!”

This is the magical story of a young girl, a self-proclaimed paleontologist, who discovers “science for real” and grows her own confidence when she brings new dinosaur discoveries to light.

Jack has long understood the questions kids ask about dinosaurs – as he says, “They are always the very best questions!”

Never Stop Discovering!

Lily A Maia by Jack Horner Dinasours

“Lily and Maia es una historia muy atractiva que despertará el interés en STEM para todos los jóvenes, pero especialmente para las niñas que podrán verse a sí mismas en el viaje de Lily. Tengo muchas ganas de compartir este maravilloso recurso con los miles de programas atendidos por la Red Nacional de Colaboración de Niñas”.
Karen Peterson, fundadora y directora ejecutiva
Proyecto Colaborativo Nacional de Niñas The Connectory FabFems

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Lily y Maia: una Aventura de Dinosaurios

Por Jack Horner con ilustraciones de Grace Hattrup

La aventura comienza…
“¿Qué estás haciendo aquí?” dije en voz alta.
“¿Estoy soñando? Los dinosaurios están extintos. No hay forma
¡podemos estar aquí juntos ahora mismo!”

Esta es la historia mágica de una niña, una paleontóloga autoproclamada, que descubre “la ciencia de verdad” y aumenta su propia confianza cuando saca a la luz nuevos descubrimientos de dinosaurios.
Jack ha entendido desde hace mucho tiempo las preguntas que los niños hacen sobre los dinosaurios, como él dice: “¡Siempre son las mejores preguntas!”
Este libro infantil sobre dinosaurios, amistad, ciencia y viajes en el tiempo de fantasía es una lectura obligada de STEM para padres e hijos.
¡Nunca dejes de descubrir!

Maia: A Dinosaur Grows Up

by John R. Horner and James Gorman

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Digging Dinosaurs: The Search That Unraveled the Mystery of Baby Dinosaurs

by John R. Horner and James Gorman

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The Complete T.Rex: How Stunning New Discoveries Are Changing Our Understanding of the World’s Most Famous Dinosaur

by John R. Horner and Don Lessem

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Digging Up Tyrannosaurus Rex: The Remarkable Story of the First Complete Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton

by John R. Horner and Don Lessem

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Dinosaur Lives: Unearthing an Evolutionary Saga

by John R. Horner and Edwin Dobb

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Dinosaurs: Under the Big Sky

by Jack Horner

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How to Build a Dinosaur: The Science of Reverse Evolution

by Jack Horner and James Gorman

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Digging Up Dinosaurs

by Jack Horner and Illustrated by Akili

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Dinosaurs – The Grand Tour

by Keiron Pim and Jack Horner

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Jack is a prolific academic publisher of his palaeontology research and findings, as well as an engaged collaborator with other scientists. Jack’s many publications can be found on Research Gate, accessible for free. Search for: John R. Horner on the following link.